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table of contents

chapter 1

Sit Down Before Reading

chapter 3

Operation Overturn

chapter 4

The Widow Maker

chapter 5

Pit of Despair

chapter 6

Breaking Brain

chapter 7

Final Hail Mary

chapter 9

Fate, Meet Destiny

chapter 11

Crazy Not Crazy

chapter 12

Roll of the Die

chapter 13


chapter 18

Taking a Stand

chapter 19

The Writing is on the Wall

chapter 20

Clear Eyes, Open Heart

chapter 21

An Improbable Proposal

chapter 22

Iceberg Right Ahead


Author's Note

part III


chapter 23


chapter 24

The Terminator

chapter 25

The Response

chapter 26

The Moronic Wars

chapter 27


chapter 28

Hidden in Plain Sight

chapter 29

Fail Better

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