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Q: Is Sit Down Before Reading available for purchase in print form?

A: Not currently, as the book is still in the process of being written. But nothing is stopping readers from printing out individual chapters and stapling them together to make a wonderfully inexpensive gift for friends, family, and those in the medical community. Check that: printer ink is woefully pricey. Maybe stick to friends and family.

Q: Will the full memoir ever be published?

A: Maybe. For the time being it will remain free for the world to read. I don’t need the dollars, I need change. All of those suffering from undiagnosed or undertreated Lyme disease need change. The medical establishment’s attitude surrounding Lyme disease needs change. I also don’t want anyone to be excluded from reading this memoir due to lack of literal change.

Q: When will the entire memoir be accessible in audio format?

A: When the full memoir has been published online. Chapter 36 has multiple installments and the audio parts of this chapter will publish simultaneously. 

Q: I’m worried I may have Lyme disease. What can I do right now?

A: As I have discovered in my own journey, other than going underground to a “Lyme literate” doctor (LLMD)—with credentials that vary widely—your recourse is rather limited. Because a suspected diagnosis of Lyme disease has become so cancerous, few mainstream doctors (primary care doctors and infectious disease specialists in particular) are willing to appropriately treat the tickborne illness. SDBR aims to change that. Further misdiagnosis advice is available here.

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