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Part IV: Introduction

Updated: Apr 17

Bexfield Twist /(beks-feeld) twist/ n. A wildly unanticipated turn of events or radical change of direction. 1. What happened next was so shocking it could only be described as a Bexfield Twist. 2. I was sure I knew what was coming, but then I got served a Bexfield Twist. 3. Trevor is dating Diane? That Bexfield Twist snuck up on me!

The term originated in 2024 when 55-year-old health advocate and writer Dave Bexfield, with zero formal medical education, made a stunning discovery while writing the real-time memoir Sit Down Before Reading ( After living with multiple sclerosis for 17 years, he uncovered evidence that a treatable, bacterial infection was not only was the cause of his debilitating symptoms—resulting in profound disability, requiring a wheelchair and daily caregiving assistance—but also at the root of countless other maladies across the globe affecting millions. The discovery rewrote medicine and led to what is now considered one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history.

Dave toasting with a glass of mezcal


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